7 Habits of Highly Effective Customer-Centric Companies

Ginger Conlon blogs about eBay - Kip Knight's take on 7 Habits :
  1. Time Employees are genuinely excited about spending time with customers.
  2. Management focus Top management is committed to customer-centricity.
  3. Organizational alignment The entire organization has to understand and invest in gathering and acting on customer feedback.
  4. Internal sharing and communication Departments share feedback and other customer information.
  5. Minimal internal corporate politics Knowing and acting on customer feedback must come before executives’ internal agendas.
  6. Well-defined consumer target The company has clear, data-based customer segments, and knows which customers it cares about most and why (e.g. customer value).
  7. Well-defined processes There must be a formal strategy for collecting and acting on customer feedback.

Source: http://www.1to1media.com/weblog/2007/08/ebays_kip_knight_on_customer_c.html#more

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