Customer Service Champs

Ideas that caught my imagination :
  • Rankings & lists do matter, but nothing matters more than having the processes & the determination to do the best for your customers. Case at hand - Jetblue. Though not on the BW top 25 customer service champs list, the first 10 mins of the podcast sounds like a Jetblue promo!
  • Disasters happen - how you recover from them is what characterises a company. Work on the foundation!
  • Empathy Engine - is the idea that every single person in the organization is really thinking of customer.
  • Customer Service leaders don't just want to be best amongst their competitors, they want to be the best in customer service. Period!
Best Practices:
  • Remind your employees often about who their customers really are, what is it like to live the customer's life, what is their perspective, what do the customers go through, etc. eg. Four Seasons has a program that allows even a housekeeper gets to stay in a Four Seasons hotel as a guest & experince that life.
  • Employee (treat them well), Processes (get the senior management in front of the customer) & Attitude (never be happy with just customer satisfaction)- most important constituents of the foundation for customer focus.


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