Stoop to my level

At the movies over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find that snacks could be ordered from the luxury of my seat - popcorn, colas, ice cream, etc - while the movie was on. About half way through the movie, an attendent came to our seats to take our snack orders. Instead of bending down to give options or take orders, he preferred to keep his back straight & shouted over the din of the movie. Did he really expect me to shout over the bollywood song on the screen to order a chocholate mousse!!

I love the way the folks at Pizza Hut stoop down to the level of their seated guests to take orders. This means that they are not looking down on you. Neither does the customer have to shout over the environ to get the order across. Responses are clearly heard too.

A difference enough to make a difference.

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