Ways to delight your customers

For all your cricket lovers there, I don't have to explain how exasperating it is to have the match being interrupted by ads - either immediately after an over or when a wicket falls. The exasperation is a amplied multifold in the 20 over version of the game.

And for all the verbal support that the ESPN Star commentators provide against such a behavior of the channels, I felt they this channel too sold out to the advertisers during the ongoing T20 world cup. Whoever is deciding on when the ads come on is so trigger happy ....
But the channel did come out with a master stroke recently. The second semi-final between Australia & India was a true humdinger ....being decided in the very last balls of the game. Every single moment was worth grabbing on to. And in this situation, the channel decided to skip (I hope this was a conscious decision) ads between the 19th & 20th over of the Australian innings. And even after the win, they continued showing the joyous celebrations on the field off it without showing the ads. ESPN-Star managed to delight me with this.
  • They knew exactly what their customer base values the most.
  • And they decided to positively affect their customer's experince when it mattered the most.

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