Marketing Mavens

Who are marketing mavens?
  • are organizations & people in organizations who know that at the end of the day the only that treally matters is securing, retaining & growing customers ...unbelivably customer fcocused

Where are marketing mavens required?

  • hopefully most ppl in organizations are marketing mavens
  • certainly in service org, many ppl come in contact with customers in these organizations most or all ppl in organizations are marketing mavens infused in the DNA of the organization


  • Picking markets that matter
  • Selecting segments to dominate and finding the sweet spot in that segment
  • Designing the offer to create customer value and secure differential advantage
  • Integrating to serve the customer
  • And measuring what matters ..pls in organizations do what is inspected of them rather than what is expected of them

Source: The Marketing Mavens: Harvard Business Online producer Steve Singer talks with Noel Capon, author of the new book The Marketing Mavens.

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