Why the topic customer centricity?

Over the last 10 years, my profession has taken me across the continents pretty regularly. Though most business travels are forgettable experinces, one part of the journey always resulted in a pleasant experince. Time after time, flight after flight, person after person - it was a consistent delivery of good service. I am referring to my travel with Jet Airways.
Jet Airways, I believe, revolutionized air travel in India. Not only did they end the hegemony of the state carriers (Air India & Indian Airlines), they also introduced quality service (usually associated with 5-star hotels) into air travel. Their service always stood above the rest - a distinct differentiator & contributed significantly to its stickiness to its customers.

(Photo credit to http://www.sxc.hu/index.phtml)

A differentiator not only for the airline, but also for the Indian service economy. With the increasing size of this economy, it is very important for the industry to inculcate principles of experince based differentiation to build itself a strong foundation based on customer relationships & establish itself as a world beater.

I would be very happy if this blog contributes even a bit in this endeavour!

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